International Conference on Operations Research

Interactive Tutorial Session by Gurobi

* When: Wednesday, September 1 at 16:00
* Where: via Zoom (Room Morgenberghorn)

Gurobi Optimizer for Academics: Providing Access to the World’s Fastest Solver and Supporting Mathematical Optimization Education

Presented by Lindsay Montanari & Dr. Kostja Siefen

Gurobi provides the most powerful mathematical programming solver to the academic community at no cost, and with no restrictions. We are a company that has education at the core of what we do; because of this, we strive to find ways to give back to the academic community that has helped shape us.

In this tutorial, we will be reviewing the free resources available to our academic users and details on how we support the academic community; we will also showcase the power of our unrestricted academic licenses in a Google Colab demo.

Gurobi is continuing to develop new ways to serve, support, and connect our academic users; we are looking forward to sharing some of the exciting new partnership opportunities in this interactive session.